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Cheltec opens service centers at metallurgical enterprises. Service centers based on principles of outsourcing maintain hydraulic equipment at MMK, MMK-Metiz, Severstal, ChTPZ and Trubodetal.

Service centers:

  • provide for operational capability of maintained equipment and prevent failures timely and at minimum expense
  • optimize procurement of spare parts and consumables 
  • promptly response to hazards
  • introduce state-of-the-art systems of monitoring and troubleshooting
  • efficiently maintain complicated and expensive hydraulic equipment

MMK, (Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works)

Magnitogorsk Service Center (MSC) in Magnitogorsk, the first Russian joint venture with SMS-Siemag was founded in 2005. MSC maintains hydraulic equipment at MMK. Today MSC performs service maintenance of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment and partially of lubrication systems and hydraulic cylinders at more than six shops of the plant. 

ChTPZ, (
Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant)

Cheltec service division was founded and functions at ChTPZ (Chelyabinsk) from 2005. The division performs works on maintenance of hydraulically operated equipment and control systems at tube welding shops 1 and 6. The following is under service: Pilger mill forgoller, pipe test presses, pipe and sleeve threading machines, pipe beveling machine, mechanical expander, transporting mechanisms. Maintained units are gradually modernized with the purpose of elimination of service revealed design defects. In 2006 newly installed equipment was passed to service. It includes pipe testing press, new bogies and tube cutting machine.


Molded sections shop and lumber shop were passed to service in 2006.


Arc steel furnace DSP-25, forging complex, press at 2,000 tons and left manipulator were passed to service.


Equipment from all shops (529 pieces) was passed to service in 2008, as well as purchase of spare parts, fuel and lubricants.