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Cheltec has numerous foreign partners. 


The first Russian joint venture in cooperation with SMS-Siemag, Magnitogorsk Service Center, was established in 2005.
MSC provides for service at MMK (Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works). MSC specialists perform all types of maintenance 
and repair works, as well as supply spare parts and consumable materials. 

HyComp is one of the SMS Group subdivisions, which specializes in manufacture of self-lubricating polymer bearings. Bearings are produced from special material Wearcomp, developed by the company. Wearcomp characteristics: high temperature resistance – up to 320 oC, low friction factor – 0.18 to 0.25, high compression resistance – 520 MPa, high 
resistance to impact, low ware rate. Wearcomp benefits: preventing product contamination, no lubrication expenses,
longer bearings service life, lower friction, less impact damage, lower fire risks and less failures due to grease lubrication.
 SMS Siemag frequently uses Wearcomp in its projects.



Pall Corporation has been a leader in the field of development and production of high-quality specialized equipment for fluid and gas purification for over half a century. Cheltec is Pall’s official distributor. The two companies are currently negotiating the possibility of foundation of joint production of filters, filter elements and charging and purification systems at Cheltec site.

Pall’s newest products and technologies help to solve problems of fluid and gas diagnostics and purification quickly and efficiently.

Pall filtration equipment includes: mobile units for complex purification of working fluids via removal of water and mechanical
impurities, state-of-the-art filters Pall Ultipleat SRT, Pall mesh filters, state-of-the-art Arkal automatic water filtration module systems.  

Cheltec supplies Bosch-Rexroth products, develops and introduces projects using Bosch-Rexroth equipment, organizes training
seminars in Germany jointly with Bosch-Rexroth.

Alfa Laval

Cheltec is an official representative of Alfa Laval company, which produces portable heat exchanging units. They use over 96% of plate surface and prevent dead zones. Seals have double protection against inner damages. Direct seals and separation modules are optimal solution for purification of heavily polluted oils, diesel fuel, water, cooling lubricants and other process liquids. It has high level of purification (70% up to 3 micron, 95% up to 5 micron), it effectively removes water from hydraulic oils. Automatic filters are used for filtration of water, cooling lubricants and hydraulic oils. They provide for reliable protection at low and constant pressure drops at filter by means of back washing.



Lincoln centralized lubricating systems are widely used at metallurgical, tube-rolling and machine-building enterprises,
as well as at road-building and mining machines all over the world, including Russia. Cheltec renders services on engineering,
modernization and integration of Lincoln automated lubricating systems into any equipment. As a result of such integration,
service life of all lubricated friction knots is extended significantly. Automatic lubricating system allows for lubricating: during
machine operation, by small portions and frequently, i.e. in short time intervals, automatically, i.e. independently from personnel.
Equipment operates with fresh lubricant each time (no danger of coking up and soaring), but  lubricant consumption is lower.


Cheltec is an official representative of Stauff, which produces:

- Quick release couplings
- Hydraulic components for pump stations  
- Clamps (brackets) for pipes fastening
- Pressure control systems



Legris is the leader in production of pipe threaded connections.



KTR is the manufacturer of couplings and other hydraulic components.



Cheltec specialists are ready to:

- help to choose between used presses, located at Press Trade storage facility (Germany);
- organize joint visit to Press Trade storage facility for assessment of equipment condition;
- carry out inspection, as well as modernization, installation supervision and commissioning.