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Equipment modernization

Modernization of equipment for steel making and ore smelting production

Cheltec offers a complex of works on modernization of hydraulic power units for arc steel furnaces and complex steel processing facilities, as well as management and control systems.

  • DSP-25 at BUMMASH (Izhevsk)
  • DSP-6 and DSP-14 (Patent RU No. 2002610356) at OZMM (Oskolskiy Plant of Metallurgical Machinery)
  • 7TP1 and 7TP2 at Uralskaya Kuznitsa (Chebarkul) 
  • DSP-120 #1 and #2 at Ural Steel (Novotroitsk)


  • System of hydraulic hold-down of contacting clamps, electrode positioning and slipping at furnaces 47, 51, 55, 56 at ChEMK (Chelyabinsk Electric Metallurgical Complex)
  • 15 ton capacity at OZMM (Oskolsky Plant of Metallurgical Machinery)
  • 130 ton and 160 ton capacities at ChMK (Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant)
  • Hydraulic panel of ladle-furnace, 375 tons (Patent RU No. 21866262) at MMK (Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works)
  • Manufacture of piping layout for UPK-120 hydraulic system at Ural Steel (Novotroitsk)
  • Hydraulic drive for stand emergency turn at Severstal, MMK
  • Manufacture of lubricating and cooling system piping for CC-machine 5 at Uralmash and MMK  
  • Repair of hydraulic drive for casting landle bogie at NTMK (Nizhniy Tagil Iron and Steel Works)

Modernization of equipment for sheet, bar and ring rolling mills

 Cheltec offers a full range of works on development and modernization of electric hydraulic systems, units and stations.

  • Bending control systems for working rolls at hot and cold rolling mills (patent RU No. 2122907 and RU No. 2154541): hot rolling mill 1700 at Severstal and hot rolling mill 2000 at MMK (Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works)
  • Systems of strip centering against the unit’s axis (patent RU No.2173412 and No. 2180056) at MMK
  • Electric hydraulic control system for butt-welder centering device NSO-100.06 at MMK
  • Hydraulic drive for stand-alone emulsion system of four-stand cold rolling mill 2500 at MMK
  • Hot rolling mill 2800. Hydraulic, pneumatic and cooling systems at Ural Steel
Shop 5 MMK
  • Head and tail end of slitting unit
  • Hydraulic drive for butt-welding machine
  • Lift and turn device, coil tilter
  • Hydraulic drive for covers of etching and rinsing baths
  • Hydraulic drive for shutters
  • Hydraulic equipment for left and right adjustage sites of hot bar-rolling mill 250 at NSMMZ (Nizhneserginskiy Iron and Steel Hardware Plant)
  • Modernization of water descaling system at mills 170, 450, 370 at MMK
  • Modernization of ring-rolling mill KPSS-1000 at Ruspolimet (Kulebaki, Nizhniy Novgorod region)
  • Capital repair of sheet straightening and sheet bending machine at Uralkhimmash (Yekaterinburg)

Modernization of tube rolling equipment

Cheltec performs modernization of equipment at tube rolling plants.

Modernization of equipment at ChTPZ (Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant)
  • Electric hydraulic system for straightening press P6242
  • Molding press PO 753 for tube-welding mill  
  • Hydraulic power unit for tube cutting machine models KZh-45D
  • Stand for hydraulic test of pipes with outside diameter 530 to 1,420 mm
  • Hydraulic system for Pilger mill TPC-1forgoller
  • Piston for main hydraulic cylinders of feeding unit
  • Ultrasonic controller VOLGA
  • Three hydraulic stations UAPT-2 and hydraulic station for weld seam compensator 
  • Hydraulic drive for bogie, SMS-MEER-1mechanical expander  pump replaced  to a different standard-size
  • Hydraulic circuit for sizing mill TPC-2
  • Mechanical and hydraulic part of feeding unit for new SMS-MEER forgoller assembly 
  • Hydraulic drive for press P965A
  • Hydraulic drives for stamping machines
  • Oil filtration system for hydraulic presses PO-89 and PO-143, and mobile (portable) filtration unit
Modernization of equipment at PNTZ (Pervouralsky Novotrubny Works)
  • Stand for hydraulic vessels cycle tests   
  • BRACKER control units for pipes pressure tests

Design, manufacture and supply of presses for hydraulic pipe test

  • Hydraulic pipe test press for pipes' outside diameter 530 to 1,420 mm at KZIT (Kopeisk Plant of Pipe Insulation)
  • Test press for pipes diameter 1,220 mm at pressure of 40 MPa at Gazprom Transgaz (St. Petersburg)

Modernization of equipment at non-ferrous metallurgical enterprises

 Cheltec offers engineering solutions, design, manufacture and commissioning of electric hydraulic systems.


Modernization of equipment at VSMPO-AVISMA (Verkhnyaya Salda):

  • SACK four-die radial forging machine R800 (Patent RU No. 2241565, 2241566 and 2002610934),
  • Forging complex manipulators for radial forging machine with 4 ton lifting capacity each (Patent RU No. 2230622)
  • Hydraulic drive for twenty-high rolling mill 1200
  • Hydraulic drive for LITOSTROJ stamping press chock at 160 (250) ton-force
  • Electric hydraulic control system for centerless-turning machines 9340, 9350, 9340
  • Hydraulic unit for mold hold-down pressure leveling for vacuum arc furnace
  • Electric hydraulic system for hydraulic stamping press NP-130 at 30,000 tons
  • Stand-alone pump station for vacuum arc furnaces DTV-8,7-G10, 6DTV-10-PO
  • Pilot oil system for press at 10,000 ton-force
  • Pump unit for straightening machine WRPH80/110
  • Pump station and control panel for peeling machine Sh7-05 repair
  • Lubrication system for 17-roll sheet straightening machine
  • Electric hydraulic system for coiler and decoiler positioning against the strip edge of SKET coil preparation unit 
  • Modernization of electric hydraulic system for mixer tilt control SAMP-15 and SAMP-50 at SUAL-NAZ
  • Manufacture of hydraulic power unit and working rolls cooling system for direct aluminum rolling machine APB-1600 at Rusal-Armenal and Urals Foil
  • Modernization of cold rolling mill Quarto-1800 at Urals Foil
  • Electric hydraulic tracking system for strip edge of electrolytic tinning machine at MMK

Modernization of presses and forging complexes

 Cheltec performs works on modernization of presses and forging complexes, including reconstruction of hydraulic power units and control systems. 
  • Electric hydraulic system for bailing press SRA-1250 control (Patent RU No. 212163318) at Severstal
  • Modernization of manipulator MPK-20 with 20 ton lifting capacity for forging complex 5 at 3,200 tons at ChMK (Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Complex) 
  • Modernization and automation of forging complex at 2,000 tons at Bummash
  • Hydraulic drive for press-bailing machine for asbestos briquetting at Uralasbest
  • Hydraulic unit for chromium briquettes forming machine using vibration compaction method at Serov Ferro-Alloys Plant
  • Capital repair of press P3236 at 400 ton-force at Khimmash (Glazov)
  • Modernization of electric hydraulic control system for horizontal press at 1,250 ton-force at SMZ (Samara Metallurgical Plant)
  • Emergency trouble-shooting of Roundo sheet bending press at Trubodetal (Chelyabinsk)
  • Modernization of hydraulic press at 8/13 ton-force and capital repair of hydraulic crane with 150 ton lifting capacity at FGUP Barrikady (Volgograd)
  • Modernization of hydraulic and control systems for press NP-130 at VSMPO-AVISMA (Verkhnaya Salda)
  • Reconstruction of pump accumulator station for press and forging production at SMZ (ALCOA)
  • Modernization of control system for press model PB8843 at 1,250 ton-force at SMZ (ALCOA)