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Hydraulic Valves

Cheltec designs and manufactures electrohydraulic fluid-jet amplifiers (servo valves) and proportional two-stage directional valves. Cheltec servo valves and proportional directional valves are:

  • little sensitive to working fluid contamination
  • easy to maintain

Cheltec also produces a wide range of hydraulic valves, including proportional hydraulic amplifiers with customized flow, pressure, response and reliability parameters. Cheltec valves can replace analogous parts of foreign production.

Cheltec servo valves and proportional hydraulic directional valves are used in the systems of automatic adjustment of rolling mills, arc steel furnaces and forging complexes at the following plants:

  • MMK, Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (Magnitogorsk)

  • SEVERSTAL (Cherepovetz)

  • MECHEL (Chelyabinsk)

  • SPLAV, Gai Plant of Non-Ferrous Metals Processing (Gai)
  • BUMMASH (Izhevsk)

Cheltec manufactures and sells customized servo valves and proportional directional valves. Cheltec has a streamlined serial production of fluid and gas cut-off valves.