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A laboratory of oils analysis was founded in
2005. The laboratory is equipped with up-to-date analytical and test equipment enabling high-level analysis of hydraulic fluids composition and properties.

The laboratory was accredited as technically competent in oils analysis. Physical and chemical methods applied:
  • Photometric method of fluid screen analysis
  • Dielcometric method of oil products moisture measurement
  • Potentiometric titration method of neutralization number determination

The following parameters are measured during hydraulic fluids analysis:

  • Kinematic viscosity (GOST 33-2000, ISO 3104-94)
  • Dynamic viscosity (GOST 33-2000, ISO 3104-94)
  • Viscosity index (GOST 25371-97, ISO 2909-81)
  • Neutralization number (GOST 11362-96, ISO 6619-88)
  • Base sediment content (GOST 17216-2001, ISO 4406)
  • Fluid purity grade (GOST 17216-2001, NAS 1638 or ISO 4406)
  • Density (GOST 3900-85, ISO 3838-83)
  • Water content (GOST 14203-69)

The laboratory specialists will perform a range of hydraulic fluid tests within short terms and in good manner. The results conform to GOST, ISO and NAS standards.