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Pump Stations

Cheltec designs, manufactures and supplies hydraulically driven pump stations. They are used for supply, cooling and filtration of working fluids in the hydraulic systems of rolling mills, machines, automatic lines and machines, presses, manipulators and other types of hydraulically operated equipment.

Cheltec offers pressure-regulated pump stations and standard hydropneumatic accumulators (up to 32 liters) to replace pump-and-accumulator stations with high-pressure vessels, which have to be registered at Gosgortechnadzor (state mining and engineering inspection).

Cheltec specialists will help you to choose the most rational version of pump station design in compliance with the equipment operation process cycle.

The pump station can be completed with

  • explosion-proof motor
  • system of pump station automatic control
  • working fluid heating or cooling in the reservoir
  • device for visual or automatic control of working fluid level, temperature and fine filters clogging degree
  • other assemblies or components which increase hydraulic equipment efficiency

Examples of works performed:

VDP Pump station 
for vacuum arc furnaces
GSA-93 Pump station
for gate valve control
NS.07-00 Pump station 
zinc pig stacker

GSA.48-10-400 Pump station
for electrolytic degreasing unit
ANGC Pump station
for hydraulic drive of lifting platform
GSA.10-20-360D Pump station for 
electrode coating press
EGSS-PI-01 Pump station
for bending system
SKD-98 Pump station
  for molding unit