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Construction Department

Cheltec is currently able to perform the following works:

Installation and repair of boiler and supplementary power equipment at power plants and construction facilities.

  1. Start-up and commissioning of boiler plants and supplementary equipment, ventilation and air conditioning systems, water supply, water disposal and heating systems.
  2. Construction of buildings and structures of responsibility level 1 and 2.
  3. Manufacture, installation and repair of metalwork for equipment, buildings and structures.
  4. Anticorrosion protection of metalwork by means of industrial high rise works, and lining, covering and rubber coating works during construction of industrial furnaces, smoke stacks, air ducts, gas-cleaning equipment, primary chemistry equipment, etc.
  5. Civil engineering (including repair, reinforcement and anticorrosion treatment of concrete structures).
  6. Inspection, repair, painting and marking of buildings and structures, brick, concrete and metal smoke stacks and flues, replacement of metal smoke stacks.
  7. Development, manufacture and implementation of technical projects on reconstruction of heating systems (of boiler power plants and steam air power plants) for simultaneous operation and optimization of thermal hydraulic controls of heating networks.
  8. Development, manufacture and implementationof technologies of contaminated waste water treatment (suspended solids, oil products, coolants), including technologies compatible with vapor recovery.
  9. Production buildings glazing, including using double-pane and triple-pane glass.
  10. Roof works.
  11. Construction of suspended facades, including ventilated and heat insulated facades, facades painting and finishing, and seams finishing.
  12. Construction and repair of heating lines, water lines, storm water systems and other underground structures.
  13. Construction of overhead and underground power lines and transformer substations.

Cheltec renders the following services:

I. Independent Construction Expertise.

It is performed under the negotiations between the participants of constructionand implies expertise of construction, reconstruction and major repairs facilities, and quality expertise of construction, erection and finishing works, building materials and structures.

  1. Construction expertise determines the following:
  • accuracy and feasibility ofconstruction, design and estimate documentation;
  • scope, cost and quality of design works and terms of implementation;
  • scope, cost and quality of construction and erection works and terms of performance;
  • cause and extent of damageto property;
  • accuracy of acceptance of completed construction facility;
  • mechanisms of failure (accident) during construction, erection and repair works andcausal connection between accident and failure to comply with building codes and construction safety instructions.

The construction expertise is performed to evaluate the conformance of quality of actual works to the agreed project requirements and state standards; to determine the scope and cost of works performed; to verify accuracy and feasibility of estimate documentation; to determine the cause of damage andcost of elimination; and to determine the level of depreciation.

Independent Construction Expertise solves the following problems:
  1. Cost estimate and analysis.
  2. Determination of feasibility of contract price on construction, reconstruction and repair.
  3. Calculation of cost of works and materials required and sufficient for elimination of defects.
  4. Verification of scope and cost of actual work.
  5. Evaluation of quality of actual construction and erection works during construction, reconstruction and repair of facilities and their compliance to project requirements and state standards.
  6. Review of expert opinions of independent, official and state agencies and institutions.
  7. Expertise of work production plans (contents and compliance).
  8. Expertise of as-built documentation (contents and compliance).
  9. Incoming operating documentation control in terms of compliance to state standards and regulations.

2) When evaluating the quality of actual construction and erection works, we are generally able to trace the defects of metal and wooden structures, stone and concrete work, waterproofing and roof construction, finishing and other special works.

To determine the accuracy of the scope of actual works, our experts perform “inspection measurements”. The results of measurements and calculations obtained during on-site inspection are compared with the scope of works specified in the project documentation, estimates and acceptance reports which are presented for payment by Contractor.

Overestimation of the scope of work is mostly detected where cannot be easily traced, i.e. earthwork, foundation construction, demolition, preparation, including preparation to finishing works.

State itemized construction estimates and publicly available data on material consumption rate are used to check feasibility of building materials consumption during evaluation of actual works scope.

The cost of construction works is verified when calculated using contract prices, or using the state price estimates. The feasibility of contract prices is determined by means of monitoring mid-market prices which are made publicly available by the construction companies. In case of state estimate prices, the expert verifies feasibility of prices, correction factors and conversion factors, as well as the accuracy of application of overhead costs and estimated profit rules.

II. Engineering Survey

Engineering survey of buildings and structures (real estate) is performed to determine their technical condition and actual load-carrying capability of respective structures and units. As a result of survey we give our recommendation on possibility of further operation, fortification of components, structures and units.

Engineering survey of buildings and structuresis appropriate:
  • before capital repair or reconstruction of the building;
  • during turnover of the construction facility (or construction in progress) by the contractor to the customer (investors, homeowners, etc.);
  • before purchase and sales transaction, including mortgage.

The purpose of the survey is to determine the capability of completing the construction or further operation of buildings and structures via elaboration of corresponding measures and giving recommendations on fortification of components, structures and units.

Our specialists are ready to render assistance in determining the wear rate of buildings or their separate structures.

III. Engineering Supervision of construction, reconstruction and capital repairof buildings, structures and utility networks

This service is rendered to Customers and Investors with the purpose of competent and independent control over amounts and cost of actual work submitted for payment, and over as-built documentation and its accuracy (i.e. as-built drawings, hidden works acceptance statements and critical structures acceptance statements, construction journals, laboratory tests statements, passports, certificates, etc.). These works are performed under the procedure of building inspection.

Moreover, we evaluate the compliance of construction and erection works, applied structures, goods and materials to the project design, contract requirements, construction rules and norms and other regulations. We also control the terms of fulfillment of contract obligations.

Specialistsperform supervision of construction of all types of buildings and structures and utility networks for any type of construction (new building, capital repair or reconstruction).

Engineering supervision is performed over the quality of construction and erection, finishing and other special works. This type of works is referred to as Construction Inspection.

Engineering supervision involves:
  • evaluation of compliance of construction and erection works, applied structures, goods and materials to the project design, contract requirements, construction rules and norms and other regulations;
  • verification of documents certifying quality of used structures, goods and materials (technical datasheets, certificates, laboratory test results, etc.);
  • inspection of hidden works;
  • control over the scope and cost of actual works submitted for paymentand over as-built documentation and its accuracy (i.e. as-built drawings, hidden works acceptance statements and critical structures acceptance statements, construction journals, laboratory tests statements, datasheets, certificates, etc.).

IV. Independent Construction Inspection

Professional control over construction worksis the main condition of successful project implementation in terms of deadlines, quality and cost.Independent construction inspection includes:
  • verification of completeness and quality of as-built and process documentation on execution of construction and erection works (working plan, flow diagrams, etc.);
  • control of contractor's adherence to technical regulations, estimates, project design and deadlines. This allows the customer to receive accurate and complete information on works progress at the facility;
  • supervision over adherence to specifications and quality of construction and erection works;
  • control over compliance to customer approved schedule of construction and erection works and materials and equipment supply;
  • assistance to engineering company in examination of contractor's proposal on improvement of quality, reduction of cost and terms of works;
  • verification of datasheets and results of laboratory tests of materials,components and structures;
  • execution of reclamation acts for lodging claims to suppliers of inadequate materials, goods, structures and equipment;
  • inspection and execution of statements of hidden or special works, where the next stage of works is not permitted for performance until such statements are signed;
  • verification of timely execution and accuracy of journals of special works, and correction of drawings to track the changes introduced during construction;
  • informing the customer about project deviations, and defects and violations of construction and erection works, and about the measures taken to eliminate the said violations;
  • control over timely execution of all requirements and instructions of field supervision and state supervision agencies;
  • preparation to and control over contractors' tests and commissioning of assembled equipment;
  • verification of completeness and quality of as-built documentation, its execution and submission to the customer.

List of works performed:
1.Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant
- Metal pattern plant
- Foundry shop 3
- Press and welding plant
- Tractor engine assembly shop 2
2. Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Complex (Mechel).
- Arc steel furnace plant 6;
- Rolling shop construction and reconstruction facilities
- Agglomeration blast furnace and coke and by-product production facilities
- Water recycling facilities
3. Chelyabinsk Electrode Plant
- Carbon fiber production complex
- Extra pure graphite production complex
4. Chelyabinsk Electrical Metallurgical Plant
- Melting shop 8
- Recycling water supply
- Gas cleaning systems for shops 1&2
5. Chelyabinsk Plant of Hard Mineral Wood Board
- Phenols storage facilities
- Water recycling system
6. Chelyabinsk Plant of Grinding Work
- Abrasive discs shop
7. Yumaguzinskoye Water Basin
- Construction of dam monolithic structures at the Belaya river, Bashkortostan
8. Maritime Hydraulics
- Construction of docks at naval bases
9. Linear Gas and Oil Pipelines
- Arctic construction. Urengoi-Chelyabisnk. Welding quality control
10. Average and Low Pressure Gas Circuits
11. High-Voltage Power Line 100.
- Installation and commissioning
12. Basic Distribution Equipment
- Installation and commissioning
13. Tyumen Heating and Power Plant TEC-2.
- Cooling tower reconstruction
14. Construction of foundation for reactor block at Beloyarskaya Atomic Power Station
15. Lime Production Plant. Primorsk territory
16. FORTUM (previously ChelyabEnergo)
- Replacement and repair of smoke stacks and gas flues, repair of open distribution device.