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Filters and Filter Elements

Filters applied in the hydraulic systems of different productions are normally equipped with disposable filter elements, which cannot be recovered. Besides filter elements are destroyed when clogged, and this results in system contamination with oil contamination products and filter material particles.

Cheltec specialists design and manufacture reusable metal wire mesh filter elements from stainless steel and nickel mesh


  • Min filter fineness: 7 micron
  • Filter capacity: up to 2,000 l/min
  • The same dimensions as of substituted filter elements (such as Regotmas filter elements, etc.)
  • Multiple flushing is possible


Cheltec designs, manufactures and supplies the following filters:

  • pressure
  • drain
  • suction
  • breather

Upon your request filters can be equipped with by-pass valves and clogging indicator and have required mounting dimensions.


High-quality removal of mechanical impurities and resinous matter from filter elements can be executed at ultrasonic cleaning stations. Such method of cleaning allows to completely restore filter capacity. Cheltec manufactures and supplies special ultrasonic stations for filter elements flushing.

The stations are equipped with

  • pre-wash bath
  • ultrasonic cleaning bath
  • electric drive for filter elements rotation
  • control module
  • heating system
  • filter cleanliness control unit 

Cheltec ultrasonic cleaning stations are used at the following productions: MMK (Magnitogorsk Iron&Steel Works), Severstal (Cherepovetz), Mechel (Chelyabinsk), Uralasbest (Asbest), Remputmash (Kaluga), South Urals branch of Russian Railways (Chelyabinsk), ChTPZ (Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant), Kurganstalmost (Kurgan), Moldova Steel Works (Moldova, Rybnitza), etc.

Besides Cheltec supplies Pall filters

  • Pall Ultipleat SRT
  • Pall Bag filter
  • Mobile working fluids purification systems Pall HNP
  • Pall coalescers
  • ARKAL filters  
Download a catalogue (PDF)