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Production of hydraulic components

Today's Russian and CIS market offers high-quality electrohydraulic servo drive components of foreign producers at extremely high prices. These systems are widely applied in different industrial fields, such as metallurgy, aviation and machine-building
. Such equipment is not produced in Russia.

It is obvious that further development of Russian and CIS industry is impossible without production of such equipment at the territory of the Russian Federation.

Since 1995 Cheltec has been developing and manufacturing customized components and systems of electrohydraulic servo drives for country's largest iron and steel plants. Cheltec specialists have worked out a wide range of innovative solutions in three main fields:
  1. Import substitution (manufacture of electrohydraulic servo drives of equal or superior quality as compared to foreign produced products)

  2. Power engineering control (replacement of outdated water power station control systems with state-of-the-art control systems; analysis of coolant flow dynamics for ITER reactor elements)

  3. Application of state-of-the-art approaches in manufacture of reinforcement and safety elements of electrohydraulic servo drives and other industrial equipment