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Launch of serial production of filter systems for cold and hot water supply to apartment buildings


Water supply systems equipment at most apartment buildings of Chelyabinsk is worn out and requires frequent repair. The systems of hot and cold water supply circuits are mostly contaminated with scale building up due to local welding and pipe corrosion, and with other particles builiding up during circuit repair. This is the reason of frequent failures of pipe fittings and pumps, and of pipe leaks. At the same time utility companies seek to reduce planned and unplanned water cutoff periods. These problems can be solved using the said filtration system designed by Cheltec specialists.

The market geographycan be expanded to other towns of the Chelyabinsk region and of the Ural Siberian region in the nearest future

We expect to fit supply pipelines with filters made of food grade stainless steel and metal mesh. Two packs of filter elements shall be provided for each heat supply station: working and spare, which will be
cleaned in turns using ultrasonic method. In case of self-cleaning filters application, the filters are cleaned in-situ by the company specialist by means of reverse flushing and waste discharge into drain system.

Filter design has been patented and is a know-how of Cheltec.