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Cheltec manufactures and sells sealing elements from polymer materials for hydraulic and pneumatic systems, such as:
  • rod and piston seals;
  • wiper rings;
  • rotary seals;
  • gaskets;
  • guide and back-up rings. 

The Cheltec technology is unique in that the seals are cut from the workpieces at the special CNC machine of the Austrian company ECONOMOS.

Thanks to innovative manufacturing process and a wide range of materials, Cheltec can produce virtually any profile for any size and for any operation environment.

Cheltec specialists are able to:

  • select required material according to operation environment; 
  • design seal profile (if necessary);
  • manufacture any seal in a relatively short time (max diameter is 350 mm).
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Contact person: Igor Lukyanenko
Tel/fax: 8 (351) 775 00 86
E-mail: igor@cheltec.ru