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Pipe Test Press

Cheltec designs hydraulic pipe test presses. Hydraulic presses are used for testing conventional and special purpose welded pipes for main pipelines.

The press allows to:

  • seal the pipe being tested
  • fill the pipe with water
  • boost pressure inside the pipe to the required level
  • register the results of pipe exposure to high pressure
  • keep pipe test protocol, enter pipe parameters and test conditions
  • archive pipe test results
  • troubleshoot hydraulic system operation for faults

Hydraulic press control system is based on the state-of-the-art hardware components and employs equipment control algorithms in the following modes:

  • setup
  • manual control
  • semi-automatic control

Control and command data are transferred to the control panel in all operation modes.


Outside pipe diameter, mm
Pipe length, mm
Max test pressure for all pipe diameters, MPa
Pressure retention accuracy, MPa
+/- 0.5
Max boost time, s
Max test period for one pipe, including auxiliary procedures, min
Pipe handling
Shop crane
Test process registration
According to GOST 3845-75 and API 5L

Hydraulic equipment of press includes:

  • Reservoir
  • Pipe filling pump
  • Charge pump
  • Filtration block
  • High-pressure pump
  • Valve frames for high-pressure pumps
  • Control panel
  • Ball valves on press rams
  • Transfer pump

Water filtration system is used to ensure high reliability of equipment and required working fluid cleanliness.

Filtration system includes:

  • full-flow filtration of water supplied to the suction line
  • full-flow filtration of water pumped from press pit into the reservoir

Control system

The operator's control panel has an integrated SIEMENS programmable controller. It is used to employ control algorithms for test stand electrical equipment during test and setup. Press software allows for:

  • workflow monitoring
  • free and real-time displaying pipe pressure test protocol

Cheltec specialists continuously revise and analyze experience in pipe test press operation. Due to this Cheltec has developed an optimal pipe test press design.

Cheltec grants a warranty to all supplied made-in components. Cheltec can also supply any required spare parts, make necessary repairs and service newly assembled equipment.

Project Manager, Chief Engineer
Alexander Baturin

Tel.: +7 351 775-01-67


Leading Project Specialist, Press Department Supervisor
Eugeniy Talalushkin

Tel.: + 7 351 775-00-83

E-mail: talalushkin@mail.ru